Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find some general answers to the common questions we receive daily. If you can't find an answer here, you more than welcome to contact us.

Before you can activate and download VSquare, we're asking you to fill out a very short form with your name, e-mail and password. This is used to attach your VSquare license to to an account we can later recognize. Since every installation of VSquare requires a license, after the first registration you can just login and add a new license anytime. With an active account you can login and manage you VSquare installations and statistics.

Your email will become the username for your VSquare account. On the email you specify, you will receive a message everytime you activate a new VSquare license on a machine as well as a messsage everytime any of your VSquare installation updates automatically. No other message will be sent to you from us unless we see something wrong with your account and, of course, you email will be shared to no one outside our organization. If you wish, you can also check our Privacy Policy. We will keep emails at minimum promise!

You can download VSquare right after choosing your plan. If the free version has enough features for your needs, you can download it right after creating an account.

Yes. Beside the SmartCopy backup mode, that cannot be executed under ESXi mode, all of the VSquare features are currently fully supported on ESXi.

Yes, full support for Hyper-V i currently under heavy testing.

Yes, of course. Sign in with your account, select the active plan you wish to change and switch to Startup plan.

Our current rate for our Premium Cloud Facility is 2 € for every 10GB of physical space used.

You can see the current quota used by going to your plan details. The used space amount is updated automatically every day.