Backup Consolidation update in VSquare 2.8

Backup Consolidation update in VSquare 2.8

Backup Consolidation update in VSquare 2.8

This document contains all of the updates and fixes that are contained in VSquare Backup version 2.8. Please read each note carefully as some updates and changes may impact your current setup and backup configuration.

Patch Notes -- Version
Host 2 Host Disaster Recovery
- Selecting specific datacenter hosts during target configuration will now correctly display attached resources

- Pool selection is now enforced during restore to avoid host resources mismatch on VMware

- Fixed a bug that could prevent system log history maintenance to execute
- Fixed a publishing error that could prevent folders rolling from executing

- SQL Server reporting will now skip configuration whenever the reporting mode is set to Never.
- Mail reporting should now correctly display multiple machine results on HTML enabled clients

Patch Notes -- Version
- You can now configure default and specific proxy connection during registration phase and not only when configuring service connection

- Scheduler view buttons will now shrink and adapt to screen resolution
- Publishing tasks will now display a progress bar for each machine currently being worked
- Fixed a UI issue that would display duplicated log entries in the system logs view
- Refresh status for a datacenter will now properly reset to idle
- System log will not duplicate date entry groups when multiple tasks record events at the same moment

- Service startup issues will now be logged under the Application category of the system event viewer
- Very long running tasks will now correctly detect activity and not be considered stuck/locked
- Automatic mailing will now pick the correct default settings from the Service Windows reporting dialog
- Logging categories will not display multiple entries of the same event when different dates are involved

Desktop Agent
- Fixed a bug that could cause ACL backup db to be overwritten when using incremental or reverse incremental backup.

- VSquare backups can now be consolidated into full from a different schedule with different settings.
- Fixed an issue that could cause Hyper-V backup disks to become unreadable after a full backup
- Fixed a timeout issue that could erroneously mark a backup as timed out.
- Free VMware backup mode should not correctly parse datastore folders that contain brackets
- Missing change id information is now logged only if node technology is VMware
- Missing change tracking activation information on very specific IDE Disks is now correctly set

- Full Host, Pool and Datastores hierarchy is now enforced during target selection

Host to Host
- Target machines that are detected to be turned off or missing or deleted are reset to full transfer instead of synthetic full
- Missing pool information does not stop target selection anymore: default host pool is used
- Host, Pool and Datastores hierarchy is now enforced during target selection

Cloud Site
- Uploading to a VSquare site while another backup is running does not lock virtual libraries anymore

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