Hyper-V support is here!

Hyper-V support is here!

Hyper-V support is here!

We're happy to announce that one more great milestone have been reached with this new update of VSquare Backup : full Hyper-V V2 support has been added and released. This means that everyone who is already utilizing VSquare Backup will be able to enjoy at no extra cost in the next few hours trough our automated update distribution. If you feel like you can't wait, you can of course go and download version 1.1 in the private download section.

As you will see from our updated feature map, Enterprise users will also be able to use Off-Site Hyper-V mode. How does it differ from on-site backups?

On-Site Hyper-V
This is the default, standard mode. To execute Hyper-V backups in this mode, you will need to install VSquare on the same host where Hyper-V is running. All the backup operations, indexing and maintenance tasks will be executed on the same machine.

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

Off-Site Hyper-V
Using this mode will allow you to install VSquare on any machine you like. VSquare, on first connection to off-site hyper-V, will install an Operation Proxy that will execute all backup and restore operations and send the data back to your VSquare Backup machine. VSquare Operations Proxy uses network transfer optimization to have only the minimum required data go from Hyper-V host to off-site backup machine.

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

You can read more about how to configure Off-Host backups here. Off-Host backup is available starting from Enterprise level plan.

There's also plenty more features coming with this version and we will cover them in the next blog posts. In the meanwhile, have a look at complete patch notes below.

Full 1.1.0 patch notes:
- Added new options for task settings management. You can now configure Staging-Cloud upload overlapping and completely hold all tasks execution
- You can now instruct the task executor to skip disk or cpu intensive tasks during backup execution
- Fixed a bug causing the restore process to crash when no mail alert server was configured
- Fixed a bug preventing copy to clipboard of selected row data in any list
- Fixed a bug preventing the correct exchange restore icon to be shown during restore

- You can now fully restore an ESXi FREE backup without resorting to VMWare converter or any other tool : you can do all from VSquare with minimum effort. You can find information on setup and configuration on our wiki pages.
- You can now rename virtual disks as you please when restoring a full machine.

- Hyper-V V2 is now fully supported. You can now backup and restore any Hyper-V virtual machine. Enterprise and Corporate plans can use a remote VSquare Backup instance as off-host backup server.

- Backup integrity check is now available as an option in both standard backups and Disaster Recovery jobs. VSquare will automatically detect any filesystem error within your virtual disks and alert accordingly.
- Fixed a bug causing the VMware http client to loose connection on backups running for several hours.

In-house Cloud
- Improved alert and mailing reports to include both incoming cloud uploads status and result and datagrams merge counters
- Improved CRC recalculations speed for every cloud storage virtual disk.

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