Version 1.0.33 Officially Released!

Version 1.0.33 Officially Released!

Version 1.0.33 Officially Released!

The release of version 1.0.33 of VSquare marks yet another big step forward for our enterprise backup solution. Starting from this version, Enterprise and Corporate users can start enjying full Microsoft Exchange messages restore.
Working straight from you backup data, with no emergency server or clean shutdown requirements, VSquare enables you to restore emails, attachments and folders from any account on any exchange database on any of your Virtual Machines.
Have a look at some of our Exchange Restore feature screenshots and be sure to check the Exchange Restore Configuration settings from our wiki.

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

Also a host of new features and improvements have been added to this version so be sure to check the full patch notes below!

VSquare 1.0.33/1 Full Patch Notes

- Setup configuration will now automatically ask for elevation on any OS with UAC enabled;
- Fixed a bug with detached plan not being selectable during a fresh install;


- Enterprise and Corporate plans can now enjoy Exchange Server email messages restore. You will be able to browse and select for restore user accounts, folders and email messages. Every selected item will be restored into a PST file that the user can attach to any Outlook client.

Backupset - Cloud
- Added "SmartFrames" option for cloud uploading. This option will keep a cache of all changes found during backupset for any subsequent cloud upload and skip the same operation done by cloud uploader;
The downside will be an increase of disk space usage (that may vary, depending on changes found) until cloud upload is finished;
- Added a new "Staging" option for cloud uploading. By enabling this option, VSquare will stage all data to be uploaded into the backup folder and allow any other operation on the target machine to continue. Provided you have the additional space required for staging, enabling this option will allow you to execute any backup schedule without waiting for upload queue on any machine.
- Added a new "No Operations" option for any backupset. By enabling this option VSquare will avoid disk intensive operations (indexing, upload, staging) during the selected backupset. Depending on your disk speed, enabling this option can dramatically increase your backup speed.
- Added a new option to enforce the use of managed APIs even on vcenters that, after upgrade, still show an ESXi productline;
- If anything happens during upload, both server and client are now able to resync automatically on next update;
- The full name of the target cloud is now specified for each machine in the cloud transfer report e-mail;

Backupset - Backup Now
- "Backup Now" scheduling is now high priority and can be run in parallel with other scheduled Backup or Disaster Recovery processes. If the target machine is already under backup, the ASAP process will idle in queue.

Package Service
- Decreased the verbosity of Package Service (both normal and high priority) when looking for pending packages;
- In-House cloud Disaster Recovery status check will also check for full disk integrity for all Disaster Recovery watched machines once every 4 hours;
- Fixed a bug leaving the machine on hybrid state while it was actually idling;
- Fixed a race-condition bug causing aysnc jobs to enqueue and lock each other
- VMDK Disk merging will now display a more precise progress, helping detect long running merge (eg. more than 30k merge sectors);

Cloud Uploading
- Cloud upload threading model has been highly optimized. Depending on your network speed you may experience up to 300% performance increase.
- Every cloud operation has now an automatic retry counter with a 5 minutes wait increasing on any error. If the line goes down, VSquare will retry up to 3 times to upload before failing.

- Fixed some layout issues causing both ring progress and icons to display on overlay
- Fixed a progress bar layout issue causing a wrong progress to be displayed

- Added a new section called 'Pending Tasks' available to all paid plans. In this list you will be able to see the complete list of all parallel tasks queued and manage them by deleting or holding execution.
If your active plan allows you to manage permissions, you can also assign users capabilities to this view.

- Added last update timing on every machine specific message during any task execution. This should help understand when the operation last updated any status;

Virtual Machine Details
- Added option to enable or disable VMWare application-consistent quiescing during backup
- Added option to enable or disable cloud upload (overrides any backupset cloud configuration)
- Added new Indexing Options that allows you enable and disable indexing and specify one or more wildcard filters to exclude folder or files from indexing.

- Fixed a bug with permissions sorting when the list was empty;
- Every control in the users and group dialog browser is now disabled while loading long users or groups lists;

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