VSquare Desktop Agent, Hyper-V SmartCopy and a lot more

VSquare Desktop Agent, Hyper-V SmartCopy and a lot more

VSquare Desktop Agent, Hyper-V SmartCopy and a lot more

Today we're releasing yet another fundamental milestone in our VSquare product path. With the upgrade to current version 1.3.1, we're introducing VSquare Desktop Agent Service: a new component that will enable physical machines backup as well as granular, single file or folder backup.

Many VSquare customers have some last physical servers still resisting in a fully virtualized architecture while others have huge fileserver machines that just need a file level backup. VSquare Desktop Agent responds to both needs.

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

Everything is managed from your VSquare Administration Console, the same way as you would do with any virtual machine. Also, of course, everything is executed and managed by VSquare Backup Service: this means that every VSquare Desktop Agent backup supports every VSquare feature from content indexing to full cloud upload storage and restore. From the Enterprise plan, there's no limit in the number of Desktop Agents you can install: you can now have a central control of any machine in your infrastructure!

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

Hyper-V is on the rise lately and so are VSquare users choosing it. After a long lab testing period we're now releasing SmartCopy mode also for Hyper-V! VSquare is now capable of simulating the same Change Block Tracking functionality usually available in VMWare to allow complete, fast backups of Hyper-V machines. Like with VMware, after the very first full backup, subsequent backups will only transfer the disk differences to the final virtual disk: usual backup times should become nearly 200% faster!

There's a lot more features that are shipping in this update and we'll be sure to fully cover them in future posts. In the meanwhile, here are the full patch notes:

Version 1.3.1 patch notes

Physical Machines
- Phyisical Machines backup is now available. You can now backup physical Windows machines by selecting full disk image or specific files backup, or both. All of the VSquare functionalities are available so also cloud upload, indexing, granular file restore and so on.

- SmartCopy backup is now fully supported also for Hyper-V when installed on off-host- Only disk differences will be applied to taget disks saving a lot more network bandwidth and increasing backup speeds.
- Enterprise VSquare now fully supports Hyper-V clusters. Virtual machines moving from one host to another are automatially detected and backed up from correct host.
- Off-host Hyper-v backup can now be configured to automatically negotiate a temporary network path from where VSquare and the Agent will be able to transfer data. On a local LAN configuration this approach should greatly increase Hyper-V backup speed.
- Cluster backup data retrieval can be set to be direct from hosting cluster or be round robin among other clusters (assuming all clusters see the same storage).

- Core read and write operations are now overseen by an internal process that will prevent a catastrophic storage failure to leave the backup in an idle state with no progress and no fail until human action is taken.
- Every successfull backup can now be published to an alternate location after completion. Alternate location can be any drive visible to VSquare service and can have its own retention period.
- You can configure you backupset to automatically retry failing machines during execution. If a machine fails backup it is automatically put at the end of the backupset and tried again for up to 3 times.
- Backup history removal is now attempted multiple times before being marked as done. This should prevent older backups that could not be removed once or that are on rolling devices to remain inside rolling backup folders and occupy disk space.
- Backup troughput speed has been added to all backup rows in the mail report.
- Any minor warning occuring during virtual machine backup can now be specified under a notes section at the end of the mail report.
- If less than 20% of the backup machines fail during the execution of a backupset, the report email will state INCOMPLETE instead of FAILED.

- Granular file restore can now be done directly to virtual (VMware) or physical machine.
- When restoring single files from a backup, you can now choose to ignore the original file hierarchy and have all files restored to the same folder. Duplicated filenames will be automatically renamed.

- All tab contents are now automatically refreshed every 30 seconds instead of 60 seconds. You can still force a refresh from the usual refresh button. To avoid unnecessary network traffic, only the active (visible) view will be automatically refreshed.
- Fixed a bug causing the main window to be always resized to full screen at startup
- Fixed a bug causing system logs to be exported only for the active view segment.
- Feedback form textbox will now wrap text.

- Updated package to contain VC++ libraries required for some of the VSquare satellite tools

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