VSquare 1.2 released. Data Deduplication now available!

VSquare 1.2 released. Data Deduplication now available!

VSquare 1.2 released. Data Deduplication now available!

VSquare Backup version 1.2 has just been released and we're proud to announce the addition of one of the most awaited features: deduplication.

VSquare approach to new features has always been uncompromising and deduplication is no exception. We're not just streaming your backup to a simple file storage where you've no mean to do indexing, single file restore or even directly access you backup files. Instead, we have created a fully functional virtual device capable of quickly and seamlessy deduplicate any backup while leaving VSquare still capable of doing every standard operation.

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

VSquare Deduplication works by mounting a dedicated virtual disk on the backup server machine where all the backups can be stored trough the VSquare Scheduling.

Since the virtual disk is seen as a standard hard disk, every read and write operation is performed in real-time with no need of Rehydrating/recalling any file information before proceeding. A dedicated VSquare process will take care of deduplication while the data is accessed so that each operation as a minimal impact on backup, restore and storage.

As an example of the results, the screenshot below shows the amount of data that Windows finds inside a VSquare Deduplicated Storage where we are simulating a daily/weekly GFS rotation. We've a total of 2.45TB of data.

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

Going on the real, deduplicated size, accessibile on the disk properties shows instead a mere 379GB of space used. That is nearly a 85% ratio!

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

You can find all the necessary informations and how-to's in our VSquare Wiki pages. Find below our full patch notes with also all the fixes that were added.

Version 1.2 patch notes

- Enterprise and Corporate users can now use Real-time data deduplication on every backup. Please see our wiki documents on how to configure and setup Deduplication Service.
- Fixed a mail delivery bug preventing some messages to be delivered trough SSL connection.

- Virtual machines using Distribute Virtual Switches are now supported for both backup and restore.
- Every backup can now be powerd on straight from the Administration Console if you have VMWare Workstation Player intalled and at least a Professional Plan.
- Unsupported disk devices are now correctly skipped on every vcenter refresh
- Free ESXi : If VMWare is not configured on a standard port, the correct port number is now added to ESXi free backup command

- Fixed a generic localization error that would prevent non-english Hosts to be shown as empty
- Fixed a resource reading error that would skip SCSI disks when reading virtual machines configuration
- Fixed an error preventing a full snapshot to be taken for specifc machine types

- The "keep only the last X backups" setting should now be correctly saved and displayed.

- File level restore now supports also NTFS partitions created as 'Windows Basic Data' partiton.
- ESXi Free restore will now correctly rollback if the target virtual machine cannot be created for any reason.
- ESXi Free restore can now specify to reastore a disk as thick
- Fixed a bug preventing proper file restore when 2 different partitions would contain the exact same folder structure on the same virtual disk

- Manage section buttons have been better labelled and adjusted to incrase readability.

Automatic Updates
- Server-side updates have been upgraded with multiple consinstency checks to account for slow or unavailable networks.
- You can now turn on and off automatic updates from the task settings dialog.
- Administration Console process is now automatically killed by VSquare before applying any patch to ensure full update distribution.

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