VSquare 3.0 Now Available

VSquare 3.0 Now Available

VSquare 3.0 Now Available

This document contains all of the updates and fixes that are contained in VSquare Backup version 3.0. Please read each note carefully as some updates and changes may impact your current setup and backup configuration. Please note that direct update from 2.8 version is not currently supported. Please reinstall VSquare to upgrade to version 3.0.

Patch Notes -- Version 3.0.6

- Fixed a restore issue that may prevent the restore of a virtual machine from a backup taken from a previous or different VSquare installation.

Patch Notes -- Version 3.0.4

- Fixed an issue with Vmware 6.7 version detection during inventory phase.

Patch Notes -- Version 3.0.3

- Fixed a library version mismatch during Backup execution.

Patch Notes -- Version 3.0.2

Cloud Storage
- Improved general cloud compression and transmission speed
- Fixed an issue that could prevent proper differencing transmission to happen, causing the backup to be always uploaded as full.

Patch Notes -- Version 3.0.0
- VMware is now supported up to version 6.7 on all VSquare activities and for all Licensing plans.

- Each Backup execution will now run in a separate, sand-boxed environment. This will allow VSquare to simultaneously execute hybrid VMware backups with different ESXi versions
- You can now enforce VMware 6.7 library on VMware executions
- Personalized Azure Cloud storage is now available starting from Enterprise Licensing
- Fixed an issue that may prevent previous backup libraries to be effectively cleaned and updated

- Fixed a client-side issue that could disable the job delete button

- Restore will now read thumbprint id from VMware host and use it depending on VSquare Datacenter configuration
- The message returned when the target machine is found already running has been rephrased to better explain the issue
- Backup Guard automatic tasks will now be put on hold if the VSquare server configuration is blocking all executions

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