VSquare 2.1 Released

VSquare 2.1 Released

VSquare 2.1 Released

VSquare version 2.1 contains a host of updates and fixes aimed to further increase application and backup stability.

As always, the update is freely available for everyone both as a fresh install and an automatic update package. Check out full patch notes data below.

This document contains all of the updates and fixes that are contained in VSquare Backup version 2.1. Please read each note carefully as it may contain advices on upgrading your current VSquare Backup installation.

- Fixed sender/recipient mismatch in e-mail step of the configuration wizard

- Deleted machines still 'ghosted' in inventory screen are not listed anymore as backup source.
- Datacenter configuration window has been updated to accomodate for additional SSH configuration
- Daily selection for OnDemand backup is now correctly disabled when not selected
- Fixed a bug in the PDF reporting window that could cause the client to crash
- Moving from service windows tab back to Backup or Backup Guard or Disaster Recovery tab will correctly restore the delete button state.

- ESXi Free backup has been rewritten to completely eliminate the old VCB requirement and the full http on VMware 6.0. Backup execution should be significantly faster.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a retained multiple full backup to display and keep a wrong history.
- Full Backup schedules should now correctly calculate retention and no retention status.
- OnDemand backupset will not display anymore 01/01/0001 as next run date.
- An empty backupset will now correctly report a failure instead of a success. Empty backupset may happen when all of the protected machines are deleted from inventory before the backupset is executed.
- Empty folders are now automatically cleaned upon specific virtual machine backup execution
- Fixed the format of the Backup report when no initial startup condition is met (eg. target storage does not exist).
- Multiple source disks with the same name on different datastores will be now automatically numbered.
- Fixed an issue that could cause the base executor to fail in the event of a simultaneous backup
- Fixed a bug causing the VMware VMX file to contain vmdk filenames pointing to original snapshot and not to current machine data.
- Backup of a turned off machine now correctly generates a warning
- Differential or incremental backup that has no differences from last backup will now generate a warning in the reports

- Fixed an issue that caused the backup to fail if the target folder was longer than 260 characters

Virtual Disk
- Unmount all virtual disks task was erroneusly displaying a warning when a deduplicated drive was not mounted.

- Required Exchange restore libraries are now installed at the correct location.
- Restore process will now correctly identify and restore messages transferred to Enterprise Vault.
- Fixed an issue that could cause an attachment to be extracted with correct size but corrupt content

- The amount of simultaneous opened files has been increased to accomodate for higher leveldb requirements
- Filesystem data is now commited on every file close handle. Data is now secured in the event of an unexpected shutdown
- You can no longer select a network mount as a valid deduplicated storage mount point

- Backup will now stop erroneusly warning about differencing disk for some virtual machines.

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