Version 2.3 out now!

Version 2.3 out now!

Version 2.3 out now!

VSquare Server version 2.3 has just been released and once again new performance improvements and fixes are on the way. Check the complete patch log below.

Desktop Agent
- Greatly improved Agent Granular Files & Folders backup speed. Depending on configuration and systems, backup speed should become at least 150% faster.
- Granular Files & Folders ACL backup is now optional and can be toggled from plugin UI in backupset configuration.
- Granular Files & Folders backup can now be configured to stop automatically after a specific number of files have been copied.
- Active mode backup is now available for Desktop Agents. Active mode will transfer data from the agent to VSquare to allow out-of-network backups.
- Fixed a bug that could cause Desktop Agent to keep files in use during backup.

- Removed the Cloud tab in the virtual machine detail dialog. Cloud restore points are listed in the Backup & Restore section of the same dialog
- Deleting a restore point now removes all data from disk. Removing a cloud restore point will remove all data from cloud.
- You can now double click a system log message to check for details. A link to VSquare official Help Library is displayed if a help topic is available.
- Fixed an issue that could cause a configured Hyper-V node to fall back to standard VMware configuration and causing the connection to fail.
- Fixed a bug that would make it impossible to switch from No Retention to a specific number of restore points unless the backupset dialog was closed and re-opened.
- Fixed a bug that would disable daily and montly schedule when configuring disaster recovery.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the initial window size to be too big for the screen resolution when connecting trough remote desktop

- You can now enable a machine level incomplete backup. This kind of backup is not considered failed unless all of the machine disks backup fails.
The successful disks will be carried on for subsequent restore points and the failed disks will be retried on next schedule.
- Removed VFS check from full and synthetic full backups that do not need it.

- VSquare will now automatically send an alert email every time the satellite service requires an unexpected restart.
- Reported errors that have a guide will now display a link to the relevant wiki article.

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