Executing OnDemand Backup Jobs

Executing OnDemand Backup Jobs

Executing OnDemand Backup Jobs

If you schedule a backup job as OnDemand, VSquare will leave the job idling indefinitely : its up to you to choose when this job is going to be executed. OnDemand backup jobs are ignored by VSquare Server scheduling : they can be executed only trough command line.

This type of scheduling is particularly useful whenever you may need to execute a backp job together with another set of operations from within a batch. An example may be some kind of power on / power off cycle for some client machines or maybe having the backup launched by a tape storing software. You can keep all the configuration inside VSquare, but you can choose how and when the job is executed.

You can find the command required for OnDemand execution inside the VSquare Server installation folder.

The command to execute an OnDemand backup job has the following syntax:

VSquareBackupExecutor.exe [Job Id] [VSquare Server URL]

[Job Id]
This is the Id of the job you would like to execute. The job Id is displayed inside brackets beside the backup job in the Schedule section. You can specify more than one Job Id by using a comma : all jobs will be executed sequentially. Note that if any of the chained backupset fail for any reason, the following ones will be executed anyway. Although on demand, a backup job will not run on a day not configured in the backup scheduling details : you can execute the command every day, but the backup will be executed only on selected days.

[VSquare Server URL]
This is the URL used to connect to your VSquare Server Instance.


Execute backup job with Job Id 2:

C:\Program Files\VSquare Server\Server>VSquareBackupExecutor.exe 2 http://localhost:8000

Execute backup job 3 and 4:

C:\Program Files\VSquare Server\Server>VSquareBackupExecutor.exe 3,4 http://localhost:8000

Please note that chained backups are executed regardless of failure of any previous backup in the chain. In the example above, backup with id 4 will be executed even if backup with id 3 fails.

Forcing Update : Your installations will upgrade automatically during an 8 hour period upon release of any patch. If you wish to force a faster update, just do a quick stop-start cycle of the VSquare Server service to execute an immediate patch check.

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