VSquare Parallel Execution Channels configuration

VSquare Parallel Execution Channels configuration

VSquare Parallel Execution Channels configuration

Version 1.0.34 of VSquare is being released in these days with important fixes and updates. One of the most important is probably the overhaul of the task execution system that now implements the concept of channel types.

Instead of simply executing parallel tasks, VSquare assign to all tasks a channel based on the resource usage of the task itself. A CRC rebuild task is a CPU intensive task, while a full file indexing is a diks intensive one.

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

Trough the VSquare client interface, you can configure the number of tasks that VSquare can execute simultaneously for every channel and finetune the responsiveness and the performance of your backup server.

A typical scenario is for example a disaster recovery source machine, where you may want to have many simultaneous uploads and minimum execution of other tasks or a highly populated backup node where you wish to end indexing of all backups as fast as possible. All of this is now possible!

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

Please note : Your installations will upgrade automatically during an 8 hour period upon release of any patch. If you wish to force a faster update, just do a quick stop-start cycle of the VSquare Server service to execute an immediate patch check.

VSquare 1.0.34 Full Patch Notes

- Added full transactions to VSquare data storage to prevent data loss in case of a sudden complete system crash.

- Fixed a bug causing the backup to fail for a machine newly added or migrated to the infrastructure.

- Fixed a file level restore bug that caused VSquare to restore files from an unselected folder when the folder was named identically to a selected one but on a different volume.

Cluoud Staging
- Staging is now further compressed to increase even more node-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud transfer performance.
- Fixed a bug in final cloud storage rebuild that was causing some of the files to become corrupted over time.

- Task execution has been rewritten to be completely parallelized. You can now choose what type of tasks you wish to run simultaneously (see task execution settings).
- Indexing can now be configured for using up to a specific percent of your disk space. Once that percent has been reached, indexing will stop adding content.
- Cloud upload reports are now sent once every 4 hours instead of waiting for queue cleaning. This should improve awareness on highly populated nodes.
- Fixed wrong progress counter for CRC Rebuild and Merge tasks.

- Added several help buttons linking to the contextual topic in our Wiki pages.
- Added a new Feedback button that you can use to share with us any idea or comment you have about VSquare. You are more than welcome to use it!
- Fixed a permission error grating a designated user the power to edit a backupset but not creating a new one.
- Fixed the backup idling counter in the global dashboard.
- Fixed a bug with virtual machine detail dialog not displaying under certain circumstances.
- Fixed a bug causing a crash when log entries backlog becomes too big.

- Added a new option for merging older backups into the current virtual machine backups list. You can browse to the folder containing the old backup
and have it added to the current list. From there you will be able to do a full or file level restore.

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