Advanced Transport Modes and performance enhancements

Advanced Transport Modes and performance enhancements

Advanced Transport Modes and performance enhancements

Even if set as a minor update, the current VSquare upgrade brings a host of new features that will significantly speed up your daily backup and restore.

Advanced Transport Modes
VSquare will now enable Advanced Transport Modes plugins and automatically use them depending on your backup server capabilities. Using HotAdd mode or SAN mode can dramatically increase your backup speed and often allow for more simultaneous backups!

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

Full Restore
A deep review of our Restore approach brough us to a full optimization of the process. As a result, VSquare can now fully restore a machine in half the time required by previous versions. Not only on-demand restores but of course also Disaster Recovery replication restore times have been halved.

Datacenter Explorer
Many have requested it and it is now part of the VSquare Administration Console. You can now view the full tree of you datacenter and browse all you machines by folder, host, datastore and pool. The tree will also conveniently auto-hide or stay pinned to your left.

VMWare and Hyper-V Backup

We've been working hard to put performance enachements to our virtual deduplicated disk and increase even more the storage capabilites. Deduplicated Storage is now using a fraction of the previous required memory while allowing even more backup and restore speed.

Version 1.2.1 patch notes

Automatic updates
- Fixed a bug causing VSquare Service to stop unexpectedly when Patch Server or License Server are not available.

- The manage section layout has been improved with the new datacenter explorer section. You can now browse and filter the virtual machine view by folder, pool, datastore and host.
All datacenter specific buttons have been moved there.

- Restore speed has been greatly increased. Restore times should be now at least half of what they were in previous versions

- VSquare Virtual Device API for VMware has been upgraded to version 5.5.4 for 64-bit operating systems. If VSquare is installed on a 32-bit operating system it will be still using version 5.0.
- VMWare backups will now automatically use Advanced Transport Modes if available. Depending on your system configuration backup execution can be up to 200% faster.
- VMWare backup will now automatically disable Storage vMotion during backup. Storage vMotion is also automatically enabled back at the end of the backup.
- Fixed folders rolling error when moving latest backup from a standard folder to a deduplicated storage

- Fixed a bug causing cloud uploads to be queued indefinitely while waiting for a clearance ticket

- Decreased the memory footprint of the deduplicated driver. Long backup, restore or usage payloads should now correctly clean all used memory.
- Increased the speed of automatic maintenance during idle times
- Fixed a negative disk size error when deduplicated data exceeded allocated disk space
- Increased file deep clone speed.
- Fixed a driver error causing the disk to be erroneously unmounted

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