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VSquare will handle all your VMware backup Hyper-V backup Physical backup Restore disaster recovery right out of the box

VMware, Hyper-V and Physical Machines
Everything in a complete, fully featured package. VSquare is capable of simultaneous multi-environment backups and advanced scheduling.
We support VMware from version 4.0, Hyper-V from version 2.0 and just about any Windows environment for physical and filesystem backup.
Yes! VSquare also fully supports backup and restore of free VMware hypervisor vms!
Backup Guard And Protection
When was the last time you checked your backups? Are you sure all those backups contain a running machine? With VSquare Backup Guard you can constantly check a backup of your choice, either sequentially or randomly. VSquare will even turn on the restored virtual machine and make sure it has booted the OS!
Disaster Recovery That Scales
VSquare Disaster Recovery can scale with your environment and take care of automatic optimization, protection and update of all your vital systems. You can start simple using direct host to host Disaster Recovery and the scale out with multiple remote sites redundancy.
The Right Price
VSquare pricing is crystal clear. There are no per-socket, per-cpu or usage multipliers or anything hidden. You pick the plan that suits your needs and you're good to go! Are you a very small business? There's a 100% free forever version!

Full VMware Backup Support

Full Backup and Restore of VMware ESX and VMware ESXi. VSquare can backup and restore fully licensed VMware ESXi and fully VMware free ESXi installations!

Full Hyper-V Backup Support

Backup and Restore any Hyper-V virtual machine. We support both on-host and off-host installation Hyper-V with highly optimized network transfers!

Free VMware ESXi support

VSquare fully supports the free version of ESXi not just for simple backups but also for full restore and granular file level recovery!

Physical Machines Backup

Physical servers are far from disappeared. VSquare is fully capable of creating complete raw partition images or (if you prefer) backup only specific folders and files from physical servers or just any PC.

Exchange Backup & Restore

Restore your emails, attachments and folders straight from your backup disks. No recovery server or clean shutdown required : we restore your messages straight from your db into a PST file! Directly from VMware or Hyper-V Backup files.

Full Storage Deduplication

VSquare can create a fully deduplicated virtual storage that can deduplicate all your VMware and Hyper-V backups transparently while keeping your data always available!

Centralized Administration

Our Anywhere Administration Console can be installed on any VMware or Hyper-V machine and used to manage an unlimited number of VSquare Backup installations remotely. You could even manage your company backup from your home PC!

File Level Restore

Browse your VMware or Hyper-V backup virtual disk filesystem and restore single files, multiple files from different disks or full folders immediately. Extract any content from NTFS, FAT and EXT filesystems.

Files indexing

Each file in your VMware or Hyper-V backup virtual disks is automatically indexed. Freely search any file in any backup and restore it with a few clicks. The backup has rolled and you have it on a tape? No problem, you can merge back you backup anytime.

Backup Integrity Check

Check all your VMware or Hyper-V backups at filesystem level and spot immediately problems in your source VM or on your target disks!

SmartCopy Backup

By enabling and fully supporting VMware CBT technology, VSquare backup only what has changed from your last backup. Transform a multiple terabytes backup taking hours in a work of minutes.

Hyper-V CBT Support

VSquare technology can simulate Change Block Tracking behavior also on Hyper-V! Long, overnight backups can become a matter of a few hours.

Disaster Recovery

Secure your infrastructure by automatically synchronize all your VMware or Hyper-V machines to another virtual center (or to our cloud!). Your virtual machines will be ready to be switched on if anything happens. Your data is secure 24x7.

Your own cloud

You can create your own personal cloud inside your environment and have your backups automatically transferred to you central sites or to your backup infrastructure.


That's right. No software required on your VMware or Hyper-V virtual machines. Just install VSquare on your favorite machine (even a virtual one of course) and you are ready to backup your virtual machines!

Smart Cloud Backup

VSquare cloud is not just storage. Every VMware or Hyper-V backup is stored so that you can search & restore any file from the cloud or even your full virtual machine!

Active Directory Based Security

Do you want some people to see and manage only a specific Virtual Machine backups or only specific hosts or datacenters? Configure settings and permissions for any VSquare functionality using your Active Directory Users and Groups.

Email Alerts

Every VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine backup, restore or task will send a detailed report email to your configured account. Receive your backup schedule status, disk space alerts and upload reports directly in your inbox with a mobile-friendly format!

Backup Disks Selection

Select wich disks you want to backup instead of just cloning the full VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine. Save precious storage space with those huge file servers!

Automatic Updates

VSquare is configured to automatically stay up to date with every latest patch, fix or feature update. No need to reinstall or download again...And yes, every update will be free for your VMware or Hyper-V backup.

No Limits

That's right. Our licensing does not have any limit on what you can do with your VSquare. So this means no per socket fees, no per machine fees not per cluster fees and so on!

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